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Origin: Original design

This (alongside the Jennifer Hale Mash-Up) was one of our highest concept costumes to date.  That said, the concept is straightforward - build a costume that represents as many of the characters that Nolan North has voice-acted as possible.  The full breakdown is as follows:

Piece Character Show/Video Game
Helmet Stoick DreamWorks Dragons
Right eye (visor) Cyclops Wolverine and the X-Men
Left eye (glass bottle monocle) Penguin Batman: Arkham games
Right shoulder Ghost Destiny
Neck (tactical scarf) Nathan Drake Uncharted
Messenger Bag Desmond Miles Assassin's Creed
Right arm Atomic Green Lantern Infinite Crisis
Left bicep (tattoo) POTUS Saints Row 4
Right hand (gauntlet) Prince of Persia Prince of Persia
Vest August Tales from the Borderlands
Shirt Superboy Young Justice
Belt Deadpool Deadpool the Videogame
Weapon on belt (sais) Raphael TMNT
Plush on belt Space Core Portal 2
Stethoscope Chris Ramsey General Hospital
Right leg KGBeast Batman: Assault on Arkham
Left leg Richtofen Call of Duty
Right boot Vossler Final Fantasy XII
Left boot (wheel) Blaze Blaze and the Monster Machines
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