PAX South 2018 in San Antonio, TX   1/13 - 1/14

This PAX South snuck up on us a bit.  It wasn't until December that we fully realized how early in the year it was, at which point we knew that we wouldn't have enough time to debut any new costumes.  Since we wouldn't be debuting anything new, and traffic to and from San Antonio is terrible on Friday, we decided to make it two days only for us.  On Saturday we wore our Overwatch cosplay, accompanied by our friend Ashley Ruhl (AKA Ruby Commando Costumes) in Zarya.  We didn't really see any of the show, instead spending all of our times getting pictures taken.  We also stopped by the Overwatch meet-up and had a great time with all of the fellow Overwatchers.

Sunday morning we had a panel on cosplay materials with Ashley and Jay Justice - you can see our slides and get lots of information on the new page that we just added to the site.  Tori was in her latest incarnation of Maya while Josh was in Squirrel Guy.  We were once again accompanied by Ashley who was also rocking Squirrel Girl.  The rest of the day we actually got to check out the expo floor and see what else was going on.

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