These are a collection of questions we've been asked in the past about cosplay construction or etiquette, but if you have a question you don't see answered here, please shoot us an email!

Q: At conventions, I'm always afraid to ask cosplayers for pictures. Do you guys prefer it when people ask?

A: We love having our pictures taken (especially if you're a photography enthusiast and/or a professional)!  You shouldn't be afraid to ask for photos - most cosplayers are very friendly (and have worked really hard on their costumes so appreciate being appreciated) and will be flattered that you want their picture. The other issue (for us anyway) is that although we're totally happy to have our picture taken, we do sometimes want to see the convention. Our rule is usually that if you ask to take our picture, we'll hold still for you as long as you need, but if you're one of those stealth photographers who doesn't ask, we probably will start moving again after some time. We try to be accomodating for everyone, but we are also at the Con to enjoy it for other aspects. So yes, we love having our pictures taken, but just remember that we're people too - we need to eat, get to panels and use the restroom. We also love having our picture taken with small children and dogs :) 

Q: I'm never sure whether to refer to cosplayers as your character's name - what do you guys prefer?

A: For us - go ahead and call us by our characters' names! It's the easiest way to get our attention with all those people. We've actually only ever met one cosplayer that didn't want to be called by his character's name, but it seems super confusing.

Q: What do you guys make your costumes out of? How long does it take/how much does it cost?

A: It definitely depends on the costume - the costume tends to dictate what materials we use. One of our favorite materials is Wonderflex - a light weight thermoplastic that works really well for making lightweight armor or masks. We also work with leather, a variety of fabrics, feathers, metal, sculpey, wood, etc.  We try to find the best material for the job at hand. As far as how long it takes - most of our costumes take at least a month to make from start to finish, usually a bit more. As far as cost - quite a bit! Just take a look at Josh's collapsible wing tutorial to see how expensive the brass wings for the SteamHawks were (and that's not including the leatherwork).

Q: I've always wanted to get into Cosplay, but I'm a little intimidated to start. What should I do?

A: Go for it! It doesn't matter if your first cosplay isn't your best, the fun is doing it (and making the costumes). Choose something relatively familiar that plays to your starting strengths (are you good at sewing? sculpting? mechanical things?) and go from there. We recommend staying away from difficult fabrics (like spandex or pvc) to start with, just because they can be really frustrating. The internet is chock full of fabulous tutorials and forums ready to help you (check out cosplay.com first!) If you're still concerned, we do offer consulting services to get you started on your own project or custom costume & props.


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