Bloodwing Build Notes Up
Posted by Tori at 5:46 pm on July 4, 2014

Wrote up my build notes for Bloodwing- they are now accessible under our tutorials section if you're interested (Extras > Tutorials).

Opinions May Vary
Posted by Josh at 1:19 pm on July 4, 2014

Tori and I were invited to be guests on episode 120 of the podcast Opinions May Vary!  If you're interested in learning more about us, how we got into cosplay, and what our plans are currently then you can download the episode directly from their website or from iTunes!

DC/IC Cosplay Meet Up at Pax East 2014!
Posted by Tori at 1:18 pm on March 25, 2014

Josh and I will be in full Infinite Crisis mode at this year's PAX East, and we're hoping you will be, too! Come join us and your fellow comic cosplayers at the Infinite Crisis booth on Saturday for some great pictures and (maybe, if I bribe the right people) some great swag!

here is the event link!

Also be sure to stop by the Infinite Crisis booth all throughout PAX East to see us and, more importantly, what I can confidently call the best MOBA featuring Batman.

Website Redesign!
Posted by Josh at 7:56 pm on February 22, 2014

For anyone who has visited the site in the past, you'll probably notice it has gotten a slight overhaul.  I finally changed the color scheme and design to be in line with our new logo.  I also decided to put some of our awesome, high-res photos to good use as header images which I think was the best design decision I've ever made.  Smaller changes include putting the social links front and center, combining several menu categories into the "Extras" tab, adding a page for Tori to add her concept art, and better integrating video throughout the site.  Now all of the videos that have been taken of us can be found under the corresponding Character and Event pages, alongside the images.  Hopefully people like all of the changes!

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