Posted by Josh at 11:52 pm on January 4, 2015

After spending my weeks leading up to Christmas building Mjolnir I decided to share my full experience with the world.  Behold!  A tutorial on how I went about making the hammer of a God.

Halloween Sale
Posted by Josh at 7:25 pm on September 27, 2014

With Halloween right around the corner maybe you've been wondering what costume you'll be wearing?  We can help with that.  From now until Halloween all of our costumes are on sale, up to 50% off!  No need to fret this Halloween, just get one of our proven costumes.

New Items in the Store! Bloodwing Commissions are Open!
Posted by Tori at 2:58 pm on September 8, 2014

We just added and updated a bunch of new items to our store! Hop on over to it and check out all the stuff we have to offer. We've added resin casts, older costumes and, of course, Bloodwing commissions are now avaiable. Click the store link to check it out!

Photographers Appreciated
Posted by Josh at 9:57 pm on September 4, 2014

Cosplayers are nothing without the photographers and videographers that make them look good.  We've always tried to be our best about giving all of our incredible photographers proper credit for their work, but we felt we needed to do more than that.  Thus we have created a page dedicated to those tireless magicians of the lens.  From there you can read about our amazing experiences working with these fine folks, as well as find links to their websites and facebook pages (not to mention see some examples of their work).  Go forth and learn more about these gifted individuals!

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