Prints and props
Posted by Josh at 2:30 pm on August 21, 2017 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Geekfest is over!  It was great getting to meet new people.  To anyone who is interested in Tori's panel topics (corsets and post-apocalyptic painting) the materials from her panels will be posted here on our website soon, so keep an eye out!  In other news all of the cosplay prints we had on sale at Geekfest are now available on our Etsy page.  The props that were on sale will also be up on our Etsy page soon.  This way you can have a piece of Cool By Proxy even if you don't want to buy an entire one of our costumes.

Edit: the props are now up on the Etsy page, along with a bunch of costumes!

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