Website update!
Posted by Josh at 5:36 pm on July 16, 2016 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Over the course of the past week+ I've been gradually updating the look of the website!  Apologies to anyone who might have visited and found it in a broken state - I really should set up a test server, but instead I work live.  Apart from the visual change there have been some changes to the back-end as well:

  • Switched from Galleria to Unite Gallery for all photo/video galleries.  It gives a cleaner look AND better user experience on mobile.
  • Revamped the Photographers page to be sexier.
  • Added search functionality!  It's far from perfect, but if you want to find every post that has ever mentioned a particular fandom or topic you can now do that.
  • Tutorials now get pulled to the front page for better exposure
  • Added share/tweet buttons to tutorials and blog posts
  • Set up a commissions page to make it quick and easy to see if we're currently accepting commissions and a form to request a commission
  • Sped up loading of images by building a MySQL backend for looking up images by tags or credit
  • Automatically pull video data from Youtube to make sure we're always showing the most up-to-date information
  • Add support for listing multiple costumes on a single day of an event (because when I set it up originally I didn't think we'd ever need that.  I was wrong).

So, yeah!  Lot's of changes.  I still have a list of stuff I would love to add, but I have to get back to working on Dragon Con costumes!  Maybe I'll get back to improving the site sometime in late September.

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