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Origin: Marvel Comics

Debut: Halloween 2008

Josh decided to up his ante for Halloween in 2008.  After looking through his comic books he decided Dr. Doom would be the best way to do this, so he went to Home Depot and Joann Fabrics.  At Home Depot he got sheet aluminum, duct work, rivets, and a rivet gun; at Joann he got a bunch of green fabric.  He then proceeded to cut himself on metal sheeting, prick himself hand-sewing for the first time since Home Economics in 7th grade, and pinch himself on the duct work when he tried to bend his arms in the resized duct work only to realize physics doesn't work that way.

The final result was enough to win the Halloween costume contest at Rockstar New England and then be crowned King of the Ghoul Prom at the Coolidge Corner Halloween Movie Marathon.  Oh, and it may have been one of the things that attracted Tori to Josh less than a month later when they first met.

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