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Debut: Dragon Con 2017 - Ghost Rider, Ghost Hopper

Origin: Marvel Comics

This costume started as an idea for the bunny hutch party at Dragon Con - a Ghost Rider bunny!  We'll call it... Ghost Rabbit?  Ghost Hopper?  Yeah, that.  Based on the Robbie Reyes version, because it's got a cooler design.

Once Tori was finished making the bunny suit and jacket she thought, "You know, if I make pants and wear boots instead of the flame heels, it'll just be a normal Ghost Rider outfit and I can wear it to the Marvel shoot!"  And so she made the pants, got some new boots, and behold!  A full genderbent Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider outfit was made.

Tori sculpted the helmet which Josh then cast and cleaned up.  Tori then made the flames from Worbla Transpart (after a panicked trip to the local comic shop to buy the Transpart in the middle of the night before we were potentially getting hit by a hurricane).  The helmet ended up being a smidge too small, pressing on Tori's face, so she didn't wear it to the Marvel shoot.  We'll be fixing that for our next convention!

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