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Origin:  Suicide Squad (the movie)

In the crunch leading up to Dragon Con 2016 one of Tori's friends shared some fan art by zoinkysdraws over on tumblr.  This, naturally, led to Tori deciding to add Suicide Squad Harley Quinn to her Dragon Con lineup to accompany her friend as an I'm Daddy Poison Ivy.  What was supposed to be a quick, casual costume led to hours of research, culminating in Tori building the boots herself (by modifying a smaller shoe with extra pieces of leather and repainting it), doing an incredible paint job on a foam bat, making a leather holster and harness, and trying to be as screen accurate as possible while still staying strictly under budget.

While this was the first time Tori ever tried a costume like this (Josh has cosplayed Harley Quinn in the past, but not Tori) she had a ton of fun and will likely wear it again.  Oh, and she was also a major babe.

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