CTC Geekfest 2017 in Killeen, TX   8/18 - 8/20
Friday: Shade Maya
Saturday: Soldier: 76 Mercy
Sunday: Squirrel Guy Ghost Rider

We're going to Geekfest!  CTC Geekfest is a local convention that we've almost gone to for multiple years, now, but it's RIGHT before Dragon Con!  In the past this has meant we couldn't get it done, since we're always scrambling to finish everything for Dragon Con.  This year we're trying not to kill ourselves for the party in Atlanta, so we're doing Geekfest.  Not only are we going, we're going to have our first-ever table!  We'll be selling prints of our incredible costumes, and Tori will also be selling her art!  Tori's also hoping to host a panel or two.

This will probably be a test run of our costumes for Dragon Con, so expect Witch Mercy and Daredevil: 76.  What else will we wear?  We'll figure it soon, I'm sure.

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