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Variants: All | Femris v1 | Femris v2

Debut: PAX East 2012 - Femris v1, Boston Comic Con 2014 - Femris v2

Other Appearances: Dragon Con 2014 - Femris v2

Origin:  Dragon Age 2

Femris v1:

"Femris" (AKA the female version of Fenris) was a perfect storm of broody elf and spiky armor that Tori could not say no to.  Tori made all of the armor out of Wonderflex (double-layered and sandwiched around craft foam).  The skirt was hand-sewn by Tori, and she also made the giant axe out of plaster bandages and PVC.  Since Fenris is barefoot in the game Tori had translucent, toe-hugging footwear that provided zero support when walking around the BCEC all day.  There were also lyrium tattoos all along Tori's body.

Femris v2:

Tori's deep love of Fenris led her to revisit the character, this time applying all of her accumulated knowledge from the three intervening years.  Nearly the entire outfit was made by Tori out of leather, other than the breastplate which is Wonderflex.  The sword, which is based off of the Empress' Point, was carved by Josh out of MDF and XPS and reinforced with Wonderflex.

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