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Origin: Borderlands 2

Debut: PAX East 2013 (Default Skin), Dragon Con 2015 (Pool Party Variant), PAX East 2016 (Captain Marvel Skin), Dragon Con 2016 (Rapunzel Skin)

Other AppearancesDragon*Con 2013 (Default Skin)

Default Skin: Tori originally created and wore Maya for PAX East 2013. This costume featured a fully detailed class mod, extensive tattoos, a shield, two guns, a custom leather Vladof holster and numerous other little touches.  

Maya Build 2013 - Full details on how the different pieces of this costume were made.

Pool Party Variant: For our first annual Borderlands pool party first Tori wanted to do a pink pandoracorn skin version of Maya.  She made a full suit out of neoprene, but didn't love the end result.  She had also gotten a Vladof bikini custom printed, so she decided to change tactics and did a Vladof skin Maya for the pool party.  For the siren tattoos she made up tattoo patterns for the parts that are normally covered by clothes and then printed the entire thing out on temporary tattoo paper.

Captain Marvel Skin: Tori was never entirely happy with how her first take on Maya turned out, but she always loved the character, so in 2016 she got Maya's tattoo on her arm and chest for real, and made a new Captain Marvel-inspired skin of her own design, complete with flerkin class mod!

Rapunzel Skin: Tori loves to design mash-ups and new versions of favorite characters, so she came up with another Maya skin - this time drawing inspiration from Rapunzel in Disney's Tangled.  She designed a Pascal-inspired gun that Josh built and she painted, as well as hand painting tiny flowers all over the body suit.  Also, naturally, this time her class mod was a frying pan.

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