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Debut: PAX South 2017 - Casual Mercy, CTC Geekfest 2017 - Witch Mercy, Dragon Con 2017 - Cheerleader Mercy, Witch Mercy (Pool Party)

Other Appearances: Dragon Con 2017 - Witch Mercy, PAX South 2018 - Witch Mercy

Origin: Overwatch

Casual Mercy:

Originally we had planned on having our big Overwatch costumes done for PAX South 2017, but that was quickly shown as impossible (mainly due to Josh having to work long hours around that time).  Tori still wanted to wear something Overwatch-themed, however, so she made herself this casual Mercy outfit.  She sewed everything herself, including the bag!

Witch Mercy:

Originally Tori was planning on making the Valkyrie skin for Mercy, but then the Halloween event hit and she decided, "Nope, that one."  What followed was 7 months of sewing, leatherwork, painting, fabricating, cursing, crying, gluing, burning, and, eventually, looking fabulous.

Witch Mercy (Pool Party):

For the Overwatch pool party at Dragon Con, Tori decided to stick with the Witch Mercy theme (mainly so she could re-use the hat).  She made the swimsuit top herself, dyed the fabric to make the sarong, and repainted a water pistol to look like Witch Mercy's gun.  Then she added witchy/beachy shoes, and cat-eye sunglasses to finish off the look.

Cheerleader Mercy:

When we were planning on doing Varsity versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl Tori made a cheerleader outfit for Hawkgirl.  She was so pleased with how it came out that she also made one for Mercy.  After wearing Witch Mercy for a few hours she decided to put on Cheerleader Mercy instead for maximal comfort.

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